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7 Popular Watches You Might Want To Insure

You decided to purchase that expensive wristwatch, and finally you did. Or maybe you were gifted with a beautiful designer’s wristwatch as a birthday or holiday present – Congrats to you! However, what happens next with the wristwatch is entirely up to you. You can decide to get watch insurance to protect yourself against possible lost, theft or damage or suck up your loss, if anything bad happens to the wristwatch.

But hey, never assume your wristwatch is covered with your homeowner’s policy – ask your home insurer! Nevertheless, even if it does, it doesn’t actually cover for the full value of your precious watch, as there’s always a limit to the amount to be covered for certain high quality valuables like your Rolex or Breitling wristwatch, plus it can include deductibles as well. Getting a insurance for watches as a single item with a separate watch insurer is the best possible way of protecting your watch against accidental loss, theft or damage.

Here are the 7 popular watches you might want to insure

If you own any of these below watches, never hesitate for too long about insuring them!

Rolex Insurance

Now, if you own a Rolex watch, you already know that it gives you a certain ‘status symbol’. You get noticed everywhere you wear the watch to because everybody recognizes it as a quality brand. It’s no doubt one of the biggest brand of ‘quality’ watches in the world, and almost everybody aspires to own a Rolex. This means the watch easily draws attention to whomever wearing it. So, what do you do to protect your ‘status symbol’ Rolex watch? Simple, Get a Rolex Watch Insurance! At least that way, you know you’re protected if the wristwatch gets stolen.

Breitling Insurance

Breitling watch has always been known to be the professional’s wristwatch. The wristwatch is highly desirable and very sophisticated. Some of the Breitling watches can cost as much as the price of a small boat. So, if you own one, best to get a Breitling policy to protect your quality wristwatch.

Cartier Insurance

Cartier, as a brand is known internationally as the makers of quality jewellery and watches. They are well known to provide high quality wristwatches to royalties, the rich and the famous. Own a Cartier watch? Please protect your ‘royalty’ watch with a Cartie watch cover!

Tag Heuer Insurance

Tag Heuer brand is popularly known as the ‘official’ Formula One time-keeper, making it well-known brand all over the world. Their association with sports, mostly motor racing has made it a watch for an active lifestyle. The TH watches has been endorsed severally by many sporting personalities as well. Many people would give a lot to have a Tag Heuer wristwatch. So, what does that tell you? You already know the answer to that one – Get a Tag Heuer  insurance to protect yourself against possible lost or theft.

Fossil Insurance

The Fossil time-piece, a well-known brand of wristwatch ranges from titanium watches to digital watches, as well as other types of varieties. Fossil watches comes with a breath-taking design with any of its new models. Made to last for many unless the unforeseen happens; theft, loss or damaged. If you own a Fossil watch, don’t even think twice about getting it insured, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Seiko Insurance

The Seiko watch from its spring drive, kinetic, mechanical and quartz models is a watch to be reckoned with. Known for its resistant to heat and durability, the Seiko watch is a high quality watch that is cherished by many. Consider getting a separate Seiko watch insurance, as it will ensure you get the full value of your Seiko watch if you happen to lose it accidentally.

Accurist Insurance

The Accurist watch is a famous brand and has been known to grace the wrists of Princess Anne, the Beatles and Twiggy. Some say it’s the watch for the famous. It’s cutting edge of fashion and style has made it the perfect watch for the upcoming generations. Don’t forget to get an Accurist watch insurance for your ‘famous’ wristwatch, as it might just be the ‘best’ insurance decision you’ve ever made.

There you have it; the 7 popular watches you might want to insure. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your watch insured!

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