Insurance For Your Engagement Ring

Stand-alone insurance for your engagement ring is becoming more popular, particularly for high-priced rings as the price of replacing the rings could be very costly. More over since the cost for the insurance is often a small percentage compared to the value of the ring.

Why you need engagement ring insurance!Since your rings are worn every day, there is a high risk of damage. Rings can quickly become damaged during common, everyday tasks like cleaning, working and participating in recreational activities. There are countless things which could go wrong with your ring. The ring stones can wear and quickly loosen with time, the setting can be damaged, the ring can become twisted, and it could be stolen or lost.

Engagement ring insurance in the UK will ensure that the insurer will easily and quickly take care of all damages related to your precious jewellery. So, if you have just purchased a beautiful ring for your beautiful bride, it’s best to insure it in case of the unexpected.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

At TMI Online, we provide ring cover for the UK specifically tailored to your needs. Whatever you may need from your insurance policy, our professional advisor’s can always assist in finding the best match for you. We have a policy specifically designed for precious little items and this coverage in underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and administered in the United Kingdom.

With couples spending a large amount of money on their jewellery, the norm for longer engagements, and often times romantic marriage proposals on a foreign country, it’s essential to make certain the right level of insurance is in place for your recent most valued possession.

Single Item Policy for Your Jewellery

Stand-alone jewellery insurance only without attachment to your home coverage provides a very impressive flexibility and it’s mostly suited for those not living in their own home or those living with their parents or relatives. This is what actually separates UK policy from the rest of other policies issuers out there. If a stand-alone engagement/wedding ring insurance is what you’re looking for, then we have the right diamond insurance policy just for you. Whether it’s a diamond or any other type of ring, we have coverages for all types.

Benefits of insuring a single item policy:

  • Coverage all over the world – We offer round the world coverage for physical damage or loss of your engagement ring. This is very important, as the stones set on your rings can work and get lost during your trips. We don’t have any limit to the number of trips to be made, as long as you don’t exceed 60 days maximum duration per trip.
  • Insurance coverage specific only to your ring – We offer you a specified jewellery insurance for your precious ring. Nevertheless, we will be happy to cover other items of jewellery for you if you so desire.
  • No Excesses – We don’t ever deduct any excesses for your specified ring if and when you do make a claim.
  • Overall coverage – Our insurance covers you against theft, loss or accidental damage.
  • Various payment options – Payment is never a problem with us, as we accept all major credit and debit cards, monthly direct debits, as well as PayPal payments.

Why You Should Consider Insurance

You probably spent a month or two month’s salary to purchase that special ring; wouldn’t it make more sense to insure it? If you don’t, what will you do if it happens to get lost or damaged? Start saving again for another ring purchase? It’s just the right thing to have the ring insured against the unforeseen.

Think of the kick your bride is going to get when she learns you actually insured her ring. That would tell her you’re not leaving anything to chance and that you would do anything to keep her happy.

If you are a lady and your man just proposed with this beautiful ring, you would want to wear it at all times and show it to anyone that cares to see. You’re not going to hide it in a drawer in your room just because you’re afraid it might get lost or damaged. Getting a diamond ring insurance ensures you can wear your ring to anywhere without any fear whatsoever.

Even though you spent a lot in purchasing her ring, and this is actually the reason why you want to insure it, think also about the great emotion and sentimental value attached to the ring. It represents your love and commitment to your partner. Therefore, no matter how much you spent on the ring, engagement/wedding insurance helps protect the sentimental value behind the ring as well. We understand all of these, that is why we have a policy specifically designed for you.

What You Need to Remember

You need to remember that whether you’re fidgety and carrying the jewellery everywhere with you, waiting for the right moment to pop out the 1-million dollar question, or maybe you’re just newly engaged and not accustomed to wearing an engagement ring on your finger, engagement is one of the happiest times in anyone’s life, but sometimes quite stressful.

Never put off sorting out the insurance for your ring first, as weddings can take months and even years to organise. Even though you might want to take out both the engagement and wedding jewellery insurance all at once after everything, it’s always best to insurae the engagement rings first, as you don’t know what might likely happen between your engagement and the actual wedding day. There aren’t many comparison insurance sites for jewellery so unfortunately you will have to contact them individually.

Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident in our insurance cover that we will give you a whole 30 days to review the entire policy and all the wordings. If for any reason, you see something you don’t like about your precious insurance, you can simply cancel the policy. We are very transparent with all our charges and coverages, which is the reason why we have a huge clientele. For a preliminary engagement ring insurance quote please contact us.

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