Insure Your Diamond Ring

insure diamond ring with TMI onlineGetting insured might not sound very romantic, but it’s just something both of you have to do to protect the ring against possible theft, loss or damage. You never know what might happen to the ring, even when you least expect it. No, this is not to scare you out of wearing your ring or anything, but it’s just reality. It’s not unheard of for rings to get washed down the sink when you’re doing the dishes or maybe get lost at the beach when you’re out relaxing and having fun. So, do the needful and get an insurance for diamond ring.

When it comes to insuring a ring, it doesn’t have to be with your home policy, as there’s always a limit to the amount to be covered in case of lost or damage. Which means you only get a fraction of the actual real-time value of your precious ring if anything happens to it. Moreover, your home policy might not cover your jewellery for any harm to it encountered outside your home. So, if you’re travelling and your ring gets lost, your home insurer will not assume the liability for that.

You might want to consider getting a diamond ring insurance as a standalone policy (insuring as a single item) with a separate insurer that specializes in jewellery insurance. At least that way, you know you’re covered outside your home for theft, loss or damage of your ring.

Jewellery Insurance from TMI Online

At TMI Online, we provide a special type of insurance that covers your ring for theft, loss or damage on a worldwide basis. Our standalone insurance policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, a global insurer with one of the best ratings all over the world. You can always get more information by reading our policy wording documents.

Now, for a lot of people, getting coverage for valuable items under the ‘all-inclusive risks’ section of their home insurance is never a feasible option. Often times, the amount insured are just too high and the home insurer would not want to extend cover to that amount. We understand this, that’s why we have a standalone policy specifically designed for certain valuables like your precious diamond ring.

Our diamond ring insurance policy is structured to cover your ring as a single item or with other contents if you want to include your other jewellery. We offer an all-inclusive coverage on a worldwide basis. Often, removing the ‘all-inclusive risk’ section might result to a more competitive home policy insurance. However, by arranging a separate cover you would not have to worry about losing out on your no claims discount bonus.

Why Should You Insure Your Diamond Ring With Us?

For starters, we make certain to understand your specific insurance needs before advising on the best possible insurance option for you.

Here are some reasons to insure with us:

  • There’s no excess deduction
  • Insurance coverage is arranged around your lifestyle and needs
  • Worldwide coverage for anywhere you’re in the world if your ring is stolen, lost or damaged
  • You can insure your jewellery as a single item or along with other contents
  • You get real-time value when lost, damaged or stolen
  • We have professional and experienced UK staff always available to answer your questions
  • Keep your home policy separate from your insurance for diamond ring
  • You can pay with credit or debit cards, as well as with PayPal
  • 30-day money back guarantee; return the policy within 30 days if there is anything you don’t like about the wording of the policy

Will you cover the loss of my Stone?

Yes, we will cover you for the stone or stones in your ring if you damage or lose it. Nevertheless, we have a “settings clause” for certain high valued diamond rings. This means, we might require you to have the settings checked by a professional jeweller once in two years. Most times, the 2-year period starts from the very day you purchased the policy from us.

Are there any restrictions with our policy?

We will be happy to provide you with our policy documents and key facts on request. However, we will always inform you if there’s any particular condition to be met like having the diamond ring settings checked by a jeweller on a two-year basis, as it pertains to certain high value jewellery.

How do you get a diamond ring insurance quote from us?

This is very simple and easy to obtain. You can get a quote by simply completing one of our online forms. It takes only minutes, in most cases to get a quote from us. This is subject to documentation of course. We send out policy documents by mail once cover has been established and you have a whole 30 days to review it and return if not satisfied with the wordings.

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