7 Popular Watches You Might Want To Insure

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You decided to purchase that expensive wristwatch, and finally you did. Or maybe you were gifted with a beautiful designer’s wristwatch as a birthday or holiday present – Congrats to you! However, what happens next with the wristwatch is entirely up to you. You can decide to get watch insurance to protect yourself against possible lost, theft or damage or suck up your loss, if anything bad happens to the wristwatch.

But hey, never assume your wristwatch is covered with your homeowner’s policy – ask your home insurer! Nevertheless, even if it does, it doesn’t actually cover for the full value of your precious watch, as there’s always a limit to the amount to be covered for certain high quality valuables like your Rolex or Breitling wristwatch, plus it can include deductibles as well. Getting a insurance for watches as a single item with a separate watch insurer is the best possible way of protecting your watch against accidental loss, theft or damage.

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Engagement Ring Insurance – Contents or Standalone?

single item insurance
There’s a lot of preparations that always comes with planning a wedding and often times some couple forget to get engagement ring insurance for their engagement rings. It’s no news that many people have had their engagement ring stolen or accidentally lost. And they would give anything to have their rings returned back to them. I know, nothing can really replace the sentimental attachment of an engagement ring to its owner, but it’s always best to have the ring insured, so that you don’t lose out financially too when the engagement ring is accidentally lost or stolen.

But, let’s get one thing straight first, you’re reading this because you believe in the importance of engagement ring insurance – good decision! The issue you’re having right now is probably the best possible method to get it insured. Whether to include it in your home contents insurance or to insure the ring as a standalone insurance (engagement ring insurance with an insurer that specializes in jewellery insurance). We’re going to be examining these two different methods of engagement ring insurance and help you draw a conclusion on the best option for you.

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